Pattern, texture, and colour, can be used in so many creative ways to create points of interest; especially when a combination of design styles have been merged to create something out of the ordinary.  This kitchen is a wonderful example of combining traditional and contemporary design elements and materials, to create an interesting, yet elegant, space.


This kitchen is part of an older Victorian property, the exterior of which has plenty of charming and elegant details – which the homeowner wanted to accentuate and compliment with the new kitchen that we designed and installed.  A transitional style kitchen featuring both modern and traditional elements resulted in an effortlessly elegant space.

A combination of flat panel and shaker-style cabinet fronts were used to fuse the traditional and modern styles together for cohesive look.  The main cabinets were sprayed a deep blue, while the smaller overhead cabinets are a classic crisp white.  The countertops and waterfall island feature a chocolate brown vein that adds warmth and interest.  A herringbone layout was used for the Oggie oak floor boards – using a traditional material in a modern way.

Flooring can be used in very creative ways.  Here the herringbone pattern of the oak flooring has been continued beneath the island seating area, creating an interesting focal point.

Sintered stone countertops are a lovely alternative to natural stone surfaces such as marble and granite.  Natural stone is porous and stains fairly easily, however products such as Neolith®, which has been used here, offer a stain resistant alternative.

Purpose built units make storing awkwardly shaped items a lot easier.  For this kitchen we designed a unit specifically for storing baking sheets, cutting boards and serving trays, situated above the fridge.

There are numerous pre-designed storage systems available on the market (such as the array products offered by Hailo, and innovative drawer systems like Hettich ArciTech™), that can be installed into existing cabinets.



Getting to know our clients is very important to us.  Knowing how each individual lives and works in a space helps us to create spaces that are uniquely suited to each client’s lifestyle.  We do our utmost to ensure that every space is built for convenience and ease of flow.

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