Define your personal style and make a statement with the materials you choose. Whether it be an unusual colour for your cabinet fronts, an exotic countertop, or a backsplash that stands out from the crowd, the materials you choose can take your kitchen from drab to fab.


This bright blue kitchen was inspired by the laid-back lifestyle, and vibrant colours, of Santorini.  Although this is the smaller of two kitchens in this home it is this hidden gem that keeps the household running like a well-oiled engine.  Everything needed to run this family home is neatly tucked away within the drawers and cabinets of this “second” kitchen, leaving the larger kitchen open to host family gatherings and entertaining guests.

An exotic blue agate countertop steals the show, adding dimension to the stark white cabinetry and tempered glass backsplash.  This compact space has been designed to utilise every inch of available space in a way that has left the room feeling spacious and uncluttered.  A floor-to-ceiling cabinet in the furtherest corner of the room is a fully functioning laundry station featuring a stacked appliances.  A soft-seating space has been incorporated into the room, providing a space for the cook to relax while a scrumptious meal simmers on the stove.

Concealed laundry stations, in a kitchen or scullery, are the modern equivalent of the traditional laundry room.  During the design phase it is vital to consider every role that your kitchen needs to fill for your home to function efficiently. 

If done correctly the aesthetics of the design will not need to be sacrificed to ensure that the primary purpose and functionality of the space is still the first  priority in the design and layout.

Deep drawers are becoming more common in modern kitchen design, allowing larger items such as free-standing bins to be hidden away, yet easily accessible. This kitchen has a multitude of drawers of varying depths, serving a variety of purposes.

Carrying the horizontal lines throughout the design in this space has been achieved by utilising lift systems for the wall-mounted cabinets above the countertops.


Getting to know our clients is very important to us.  Knowing how each individual lives and works in a space helps us to create spaces that are uniquely suited to each client’s lifestyle.  We do our utmost to ensure that every space is built for convenience and ease of flow.

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