Sea Point

Contemporary Kitchen | 2018

When fashion designers, architects and kitchen designers collaborate the results are spectacular.

About this kitchen

Distinctive Design

One would expect nothing other than stand-out style from acclaimed fashion design duo Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit, and the kitchen in their Atlantic Seaboard property is most certainly cutting edge.  The custom oxblood cabinetry makes a bold statement in the kitchen.  But why stop there?  The interior of the cabinets also stands out from the crowd with a liquorice lining.

Paired with a stainless-steel island featuring a state-of-the-art, down-draft induction hob, this truly is a fantastic example of the future of kitchen design.  It really pays off to push the limits of conventional design and try something that hasn’t been done before.

Combining unusual colours and textures can have fascinating results.  Don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the box when planning your kitchen design – the biggest limitation to achieving a desired look is your own imagination.  If you allow your imagination to expand the possibilities are endless.

The features

We love…

State-of-the-art appliances are worth investing in.  The down-draft induction hob (by Miele™) featured in this kitchen, ensures that food odours and excessive steam don’t engulf the surrounding open-plan living areas.

The sleek look of the island is kept in check by having the plumbing and electrics neatly hidden within the base sections of the island, keeping them accessible for maintenance.

A straight / one-wall layout is emulated in this space, but perhaps the layout could be better described as an unconventional “inverted horse-shoe” (or inverted U-shaped) layout.

Instead of the cabinetry wrapping around the workspace, the workspace and kitchen zones wrap around the cabinets (which have been arranged to create a block), creating the illusion of a straight layout.

This block of cabinets emulating a one-wall layout is certainly an out-of-the-ordinary design concept.


Featured in the May/June 2019 issue of House and Leisure

It’s all angles for the architechtural style of fashion designers Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit’s Sea Point home in Cape Town, which encompases two spacious abodes and pools; simplicity reigns in the kitchen with cupboards made from Oriented Strand Board painted an oxblood hue. The brief for the stainless-steel island, which has a heat- and scratch-proof countertop, was for it to look like the control deck of Star Trek’s Uss Enterprise.

Property: KLûK CGDT, Architecture: Hours Clear

Joinery: CCMI 


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