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Very Peri

Very Peri was announced as Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2022, in November 2021, a brand new colour in Pantone’s range!  When used to describe a colour the word ‘periwinkle’ almost always raises the question: “Is it purple, pink, or, blue?”. The team at Pantone has described ‘Very Peri’ as a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone, they added that ‘blending the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red, this happiest and warmest of all the blue hues introduces an empowering mix of newness’.

So here it is, a colour of confidence, curiosity, and hope, to inspire you in 2022!


12 Inspiring Periwinkle Driven Colour Palettes For Your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter whether you like bright bold colours or muted tones, whatever your style preference there is sure to be a place for periwinkle in your kitchen.  We’ve put together 12 inspiring colour palettes inspired by Pantone’s Very Peri showing you how you could use periwinkle in your kitchen design. 

1. Bold + Eclectic

Ultra-bold patterned cabinets paired with a tiled splashback, marble countertop and an apron front sink give this bohemian styled kitchen the wow factor in an eclectic palette of periwinkle, scarlet, liquorice, gold and pewter.  It is no wonder that this larger-than-life periwinkle kitchen was voted House Beautiful’s Kitchen Of The Year!

2. Romantic

Periwinkle flowers stand for everlasting love and romance. This kitchen with a touch of feminine flair embodies the symbolism of the flower for which the colour is named, through a romantic colour palette featuring periwinkle, cream, concrete, gold and tobacco. The colours used here read almost like the notes of exquisite and exotic perfume.

Image source: wren kitchens

3. Steadfast

Just as the periwinkle plant remains evergreen throughout winter, this true-blue periwinkle kitchen is bound to stand the test of time. The uncomplicated palette featuring periwinkle, silver, copper, sienna and cream, combined with simple shaker style cabinets gives this space a steadfast and timeless appeal.

Image source: eh! décor

4. Colour Pop

Minimalistic does not have to mean colourless. Pops of vibrant colour can bring a feeling of exuberant joy to any minimalistic space. A punchy palette of periwinkle, orange, black, copper and oak, gives this Scandinavian inspired kitchen all of the joyful feels!

Image source: VivaDecora

5. Mid-Mod Magic

The magic of mid-century modern spaces is that pastel brights can be used to great effect. Periwinkle, navy, pink, brass and toffee play together nicely in this mid-mod kitchen design by Caitlin McCarthy. This colour palette allows the space to be both fun and formal at the same time, and we think it’s a great choice for anyone daring enough to go full-on ‘Very Peri’ with their kitchen cabinets!

6. Traditional

A transitional kitchen trending towards a traditional style may require a more neutral palette, but that doesn’t mean that the colour of the year can’t make the final cut. The yummy vanilla, toffee and chocolate tones in this space work so well with the varied tones of periwinkle in the polished subway tile splashback.

Image source: eco+historical

7. Back To Basics

If you haven’t realised that periwinkle has a place in your kitchen by now, perhaps it’s time to go back to basics with a simple palette featuring some primary colours.  Periwinkle paired with red, white, blue and anthracite can prove to even the most conservative and sceptical of people that periwinkle is a colour that knows no boundaries.

Image source: HGTV

8. Classical

In a classic farm-style kitchen a subtle pop of periwinkle goes to show that a true lady knows how to pull off the trend of the season in style.  You can almost hear your grandmother whispering, “everything in moderation, my dear” when you see how beautifully put together this space is.  This classic palette of vanilla, soft grey, gold, and tobacco, features a muted periwinkle tone.

9. Dark Horse

If the ‘Very Peri’, that Pantone describes, is a little bit too princessy purple for your liking you could always go for a darker tint, making periwinkle the dark horse in your colour palette. This kitchen with its unexpected palette of periwinkle, grey, lemon, toffee and black is masculine, fresh and fun all at the same time.

Image source: Harvey Jones

10. Extravaganza

If you’re all about being extra, then you’re likely to dive right in and start plastering hues of purple periwinkle all over your walls and cabinets before you’ve even finished reading this article. Yes, it matches your chandeliers, your mirrors, and your velvet sofa… and if you do it right you might just love periwinkle in your kitchen so much that you’ll keep wishing it could be the colour of the year every year, just remember to pair it with some classic colours like black and gold to keep it timeless.

Image source: Cosentino

11. Monochrome

If you have the desire to fully immerse yourself in the perfect periwinkle bubble, then your perfect palette will be a marriage of colours that sit almost directly alongside one another on the colour wheel. Your monochromatic space could lean towards either blue or pink and still be Very Peri. This kitchen with its recessed wall cabinets makes use of blue LED lighting to reign back excessive pink tones to keep the space within the periwinkle scope.  A perfectly periwinkle palette consisting of periwinkle, pink, crisp white, silver, and blue.

Image source: Arredavito

 12. Futuristic

Think out of the box! There are no hard and fast rules to choosing colours and finish combinations.  You can totally bring in any elements that you love to create a unique space. Brushed stainless steel cabinets form the base of this kitchen, which really could have featured myriad colours. The beech stools with peach cushions and the periwinkle tiles really say “the future is now!”

Image source: de zeen

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