A space with dark walls and ceilings needs ample light.  Surfaces that reflect light at varying levels create a multitude of focal points, giving the space dimension and depth of character.   Think out of the box and play with colour and texture to achieve the desired look and feel that you envision for your space.


What makes this contemporary kitchen special is not complexity of the design… the design itself is quite simple, but the varied use of materials gives this kitchen a complexity not often found.  A multitude of materials have been used to create a wonderfully unique space, from solid surfacing to concrete for the countertops; copper to stainless steel for the metal elements; and natural wood to duco sprayed finishes for the facades.  Colour has also been cleverly used creating a modern piece of functional art.

Spray-painted cabinetry offers you a durable finish that is available in a myriad colours, therefore you are not confined by the resitictions of standard material finishes.  The dusty blue-grey used here, offset against black walls and ceilings, lifts the space and the tone is neither too light, nor too dark.

Creative use of colour in a simple design adds interest, and allows you to express your personal taste and style.

Scullery areas, though hidden away, are an extension of the kitchen.  Although the same finishes have been applied in the scullery here, the look and feel is altered somewhat by the more limited natural light.

If you have limited wall space available in the kitchen, you may choose to keep the majority of your large appliances out of the kitchen.  This will give you the option to extend your counter space for ease of flow.


Getting to know our clients is very important to us.  Knowing how each individual lives and works in a space helps us to create spaces that are uniquely suited to each client’s lifestyle.  We do our utmost to ensure that every space is built for convenience and ease of flow.

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