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Modern Country Kitchen

This lovely little cottage kitchen showcases design elements that range from traditional to contemporary, making it an instant classic that will age like a good red wine.

Traditional handle styles paired with clean modern shaker doors give this kitchen a country feel; whilst the narrow profile marble-look countertops and integrated appliances let you know that this kitchen is has all the functional elements of a truly modern home.

Project: modern shaker kitchen – Franschoek

Cabinetry designed, manufactured and installed by CCMI Kitchen and Cupboard Specialists

When a kitchen serves as a thoroughfare to other parts of the home, traffic flow should never interrupt workflow.  In this kitchen a dual L-shaped layout has been used to create a corner for food preparation and cooking, and another for drink preparation and clean up; leaving space for traffic to flow easily between the livingroom and courtyard.

Transitional kitchens are the mid-point between traditional and contemporary.  They are instant classics and their fittings and finishes date incredibly well.

Don’t be afraid of merging elements from two vastly different styles to create the look that you desire.  Modern finishes and appliances blend surprisingly well with very traditional elements such as shaker style doors and handles that could easily be found in an older home.

Integrated appliances create the illusion of space in a smaller kitchen.  Neatly tucked away behind cabinet fronts dishwashers, fridges and even washing machines can be incorporated without making the space look cluttered.

Open shelving can create attractive storage for items such as drinkware.  The shallow depth of the shelves also allows for the kitchen to retain the lightness of the natural light from the window.

When designing a space the goal is always to achieve a cohesive look that makes the interior features as much a part of the property as the external architecture.  Even if the interior is juxtaposed to the exterior a well-designed space will tie the look together effortlessly. 

Jean Booyens

Director, CCMI Kitchen and Cupboard Specialists

drawers in the kitchen island provide storage for utensils, cutlery, and crockery

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drawers in the kitchen island provide storage for utensils, cutlery, and crockery

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drawers in the kitchen island provide storage for utensils, cutlery, and crockery

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