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Let Me Entertain You

Some homes are simply geared for entertainment, and this is one of those homes.  With all of the living areas having direct access to the garden, it was only logical for the kitchen to be designed with an open-plan layout.  The addition of a bar counter to the cooking station ensures that the cook can entertain guests with ease while keeping an eye on the meal being prepared.

The scullery is neatly tucked away behind a wall hosting the built-in oven, microwave, coffee machine and wine cooler.  An integrated fridge and pantry cupboard with pull-out drawers is also part of this arrangement.

Project: contemporary kitchen – Higgovale, Cape Town

Cabinetry designed, manufactured and installed by CCMI Kitchen and Cupboard Specialists

A dark colour can be used to anchor a space that is otherwise devoid of colour – the storm-grey cabinets in this kitchen do just that.  Accent details in the finger recesses of this handless design ensure that the kitchen is clearly defined when viewed from within the space.

An elevated bar counter can be incorporated into your kitchen island to create a space where guests can socialize with the cook.

Soften up a stark white space by adding in a warmer accent element.  Egger Feelwood has been used here to bring life to the sterile white surrounds.  The beauty of this product is that is is hardy and comes in an array of natural looking finishes that are suitable to use in conjunction with any colour scheme.

Seamless sinks blend away into the countertop in such a way that a wash up area is no longer an eyesore even if the wash up station is located in a scullery.

Scullery areas are great for creating a space where the dirty work can be done without being noticed.  In a home geared for entertainment a scullery is always a great idea.  Having a hidden space to place dirty dishes while entertaining takes pressure off the host.

Getting to know our clients is very important to us.  Knowing how each individual lives and works in a space helps us to create spaces that are uniquely suited to each client’s lifestyle.  We do our utmost to ensure that every space is built for convenience and ease of flow.

Jean Booyens

Director, CCMI Kitchen and Cupboard Specialists

drawers in the kitchen island provide storage for utensils, cutlery, and crockery

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drawers in the kitchen island provide storage for utensils, cutlery, and crockery

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drawers in the kitchen island provide storage for utensils, cutlery, and crockery

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