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Even though you are unlikely to show off your bathroom to your visitors, your bathroom is probably the one room that they will ask directions to during their visit to your home – let’s face it everyone needs the loo at some point.   So when it comes to creating your dream home, your bathroom should certainly not be the last thing on your mind.  We are here to help you create a beautiful space by anchoring your bathroom design with the vanity of your dreams.

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Bathroom Layouts

The four basic bathroom layouts

Unlike kitchen layouts (which refer to the placement of appliances in relation to one another), bathroom layouts refer to the combination of sanitary ware within the room. 

The four basic bathroom layouts are: Half Bathroom; Three-Quarter Bathroom; Full Bathroom; and Master Bathroom.  Each layouts is named for its size, as the size of the room usually dictates which of the layouts is used… however, with clever planning a Full- or even Master Bathroom can be accommodated within a relatively small space.



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A half-bathroom is the simplest bathroom layout, also referred to as a water closet (WC), or guest bathroom/toilet.  The layout of the room is naturally dependant on the size and shape of the room, however it is most often a simple straight layout with a toilet against the wall opposite the door and a basin mounted on one of the side walls.  The style of vanity is often dictated by the available space, but any vanity style can be applied here.  It is a good idea to incorporate a vanity with some basic storage to keep items such as handsoap, toilet paper and hand towels close at hand.

The 3/4 bathroom is probably the most common bathroom layout used across the globe.  It is compact and contains all of the neccities needed for basic ablutions, consisting of a toilet, basin and shower.  Smaller dwellings such as studio apartments often have a 3/4 bathroom as the only bathroom in the home, and larger homes may contain several 3/4 bathrooms for convenience sake.  A vanity with sufficient storage is definitely recommended for this bathroom layout as personal toiletries, towels, and toilet paper (amongst other things) need to be accommodated.

A full bathroom is the midpoint between a 3/4 bathroom and a master bathroom, containing every element of the master bathroom but utilising the space in much the same way as the 3/4 layout.  It is the perfect solution for a smaller home where the bathroom is shared by family members of all ages.  Combining a bathtub with a shower makes this bathroom layout compact and versatile.  A vanity with ample storage is definitely recommended for a full bathroom, and where shared by numerous family members a double sink is a great option.

The largest and most elaborate of all bathroom layouts is the master bathroom.  This layout consists of every element as a stand-alone feature, consisting of a toilet, sink (often double sinks), a free-standing shower and a bathtub.  A creative twist in the layout (dependant on the placement of the door) is to have twin vanities either side of the door, in stead of a single double vanity.  This allows for individual family members to store their personal toiletries out of the way of other family members for a harmonious shared bathroom experience.

Vanity Styles

What are the different kinds of bathroom vanity styles?

Every bathroom has a sink, but how the sink is housed can vary immensely; from a simple pedestal without a vanity, to a full cabinet with ample storage.  A vast array of materials can be utilised to create one of the many styles, all of which can be customised to create the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

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One of the most basic installations in a bathroom, the pedestal sink, is a basin set atop a pedestal.  The pedestal itself can be made of the same material as the sink, often ceramic, or it can be made of a contrasting material. This type of vanity has no storage, and is often paired with a shallow mirror cabinet mounted on the wall above the sink.  Pedestal sinks are suitable for small bathrooms where little to no storage is required, the pedestal merely serves a a column to hide the plumbing and support the basin.

Floating vanities are also referred to as wall-mounted.  As the name suggests, this vanity doesn’t touch the floor and appears to be floating in mid air.  This is one of the most basic vanities and also one of the most common.  A good idea if you want to maximise your floor space.  This vanity would suit a single person with not too much “stuff”.  A simple set of drawers can also be assembled and wall-mounted, where the vanity rests on top.  Minimalistic and functional.

The awesome news here is that timber materials are mostly used on these vanities, with the top areas in ceramic. A Free-Standing vanity stands on its own legs and gives off the impression of the vanity simply being a piece of stand-alone furniture. What is great about this is that it still comes with the same storage and plumbing advantages, plus you can see your entire bathroom floor running from corner to corner.  

Here, the basin is built directly inside of the vanity, with no part of it protruding above the counter surface.  Although the Under-Slung doesn’t offer as much storage as other options, an upside is that it guarantees a polished, more refined look.  The waste pipes can also be hidden inside the vanity.  This is a more contemporary option than some others.  What is important to note is that the sink can only be installed into solid materials such as stone.  Tile and plastic laminate will not work.

You can really go to town on this one.  The vessel is simply the object that catches the water, so any design or material is possible.  From blown out glass to stone or granite, the vessel certainly has a way of bringing out the owner’s personality.  This is one of the newer options in the world of bathrooms.   A vanity cabinet can be designed for underneath too, as a convenient storage option or an opportunity to make the space more aesthetically pleasing. 

Who wants a bathroom that is cluttered?  Give your bathroom the credit it deserves by creating a calming appeal- clutter-free.  The cabinet vanity is perfect as there is ample space to house your cosmetics, toiletries and medicine.  What’s more, all the unsightly waste pipes are very well concealed inside the cabinet.  Cabinet vanities are not only functional.  They can be beautiful.  The right cabinet can transform your bathroom into a sleek, modern masterpiece or a Victorian classic.  Sizing is not a problem as cabinets are bespoke to match all types of vanities.  The world is really your oyster here.

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